Developing flat abs is a goal for many. In fact,no one wants a beer belly or belly fat especially when is there is so much of boom about health and fitness,so much of awareness and with almost all commercials peddling the importance of “eating right” and developing the right “look” which in many cases is portrayed as a lean body by the hundreds of beautiful male and female models that line out TV ads clad in skimpy outfits. Reducing belly fat is important and this is because failure to do so can result in some serious health complications. Almost 500,000 people die each year around the world due to complications arising from being over-weight.

Having excess fat in the belly almost always coincides with being overweight which in itself is dangerous as I have mentioned in my previous blogs. Obesity, which is the term that is give to the condition of being overweight, means an accumulation of excess fat in the body resulting in a BMI or body mass index which is higher than is recommended by standards. Being overweight can cause breathing problems and hence sleeping problems, chronic fatigue, a depressed immune system which can also accelerate the damage that viruses and bacteria do and also a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Now lets get into the main part,how to develop flat abs in less than 45 days!,There are so many factors out of which,According to me there are 4 most important things which comes on top, if you want to achieve your fitness goal.

  • Education and knowledge of nutrition.
  • Exercise.
  • Supplementation.
  • Patience.

One has to start by educating themselves and getting as much information as possible. There are various  excellent Nutritional Website,Fitness Blogs,Online Personal Trainers on Google,Yahoo that can give you a wealth of information especially on the right foods and what to eat for what results.

Remember “knowledge is power” and no information is small.

And all your education will be no better than a trash bin,if you don’t apply it to your life.

Exercise is another important factor that you have to consider to pursue in order to develop flat abs.Even if you don’t have access to a gym,you can try doing some bodyweight exercises like Push-ups,sit-ups,abs crunches,jumping jacks,high kness,lunges,reverse crunches,and even a plank.

Remember,”Excuses are our worst enemies”.

And if you still feel you are lazy do all these exercises,then get your ass out of your bed,and start walking early in the morning,empty stomach and eventually go jogging/running.

Supplementation is like a push when you are already in motion,they are there to even help you more,consider taking a multi vitamin,essential fatty acids like Omega 369 or even Flax seed oil will surely give you that boost needed.

And last but not the least “Patience” my friend!.This is one of the main problems with our generation,everyone wants everything instantly.How can you expect your desired goals to reach in 15 days wherein you ate and accumulated the stuff in 15 years?Most of the people start and they quit.Be sure that you will achieve your goals,never doubt your abilities and nothing is impossible!.

I can assure you,if you Diet,Exercise,Supplement and keep Patience!



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